India has been famous the world over for its spices since time immemorial.
AK Enterprises follows this proud tradition.

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We specialize in processing for several types of tropical fruits, grown organically in India. They include pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, melon & passion fruit.

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We’ve been in the wholesale of fruit and spice game for over 06 years’ now. These days AK Enterprises is one of the best fresh fruit and spices wholesalers in the Indian market, so we’re a pretty clued-up bunch when it comes to supplying great quality fresh produce in bulk.

Based in New Delhi (India) our huge farm house is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a team of around 60 working around the clock to pick, pack and load our customers’ orders. We supply our fruit and spices to over 10,000 customers – from small, independent restaurants, to large national high street brands.


As well as being among the India’s best fresh produce suppliers, AK Enterprises is a crucial part of the Fresh Direct Group, a set of four fresh food brands that were brought together to offer restaurants, hotels, pubs, caterers, cafés and other food outlets with the most comprehensive fresh food supply offer on the market. Those four brands include Fresh Direct, one of the most exciting fresh food suppliers with a hugely diverse range of products.

Across the board our products travel through Brakes to reach our customers, whose huge fleet of temperature controlled vehicles are the perfect mechanism for getting our produce to our customers on time and in good condition all around the India. This relationship is a long-standing one that’s always worked well for both of us. We can rely on the logistical might of Brakes whilst our team are free to focus on sourcing the very best quality products for our customers.

And that’s where we excel; sourcing the right product and the right quality is of huge importance to Pauleys. Our procurement and technical teams are constantly out in the field (quite literally!) with our suppliers to ensure that we can supply the best crops available. We require a minimum of Assured Produce accreditation from all our India suppliers and Global Gap accreditation from those outside the India, with many suppliers going above and beyond with the likes of Red Tractor and LEAF. Once the products are in our farmhouse, our quality control team keep a strict eye on everything to ensure that only the best quality fruit and spices get loaded onto the lorries and shipped out to our customers.

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We believe in providing the quality products to the customer at the price they desire.

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